About ExpertVacuum.co.uk

ExpertVacuum.co.uk was created by Daniel Henson in 2017. The goal of the site is to help UK consumers find the best vacuum cleaner for their needs while spending as little money and time as possible.

The world of vacuum cleaners is a surprisingly confusing place.

What should be a simple purchase is made difficult by the huge range of models and inaccurate manufacturer claims. The latest EU regulations, while possibly a good thing, have also muddied the waters.

For this reason, Expert Vacuum was founded to help UK consumers choose the right vacuum for their needs.

Vacuums have a variety of features, strengths and prices. This makes a single list of the “best” vacuums pointless, as they top models varies depending on the individual.

For example, someone who lives on their own in a small flat probably doesn’t need the same vacuum as a person with a large house and three shedding dogs. We believe recommendations should reflect this.

Additionally, vacuum cleaners are a a tool to achieve a specific goal: a cleaner house. For this reason, we also write guides to help you clean faster and more effectively.

About Daniel

Daniel HensonExpert Vacuum was founded by Daniel in 2017. After spending hours reading about the latest vacuum cleaners, only to then be confused further by EU regulations that meant most of them weren’t for sale, he decided there was a gap for an up-to-date and reliable source for vacuum cleaner information. ExpertVacuum.co.uk is the result.

Aside from writing for this site, Daniel lives in Oxford with his wife, son and Labrador. He’s a keen DIY enthusiast, so most of his weekends are spent dabbling in home improvement.

If you would like to get in touch with one of the team, please use the contact page.