Proscenic P8 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Proscenic P8 is the latest Dyson V6 alternative to hit the market. It features a stick design, detachable handheld and powered brush bar - and it's available for a reasonably low price. How does it compare to other cordless vacs though? Keep reading our Proscenic P8 review to find out.

Proscenic P8
  • Suction Power & Cleaning Performance
  • Design & Ease of Use
  • Accessories
  • Value for Money


The Proscenic P8 does a great job on hard floors, but it struggles to dig deep into carpets and can’t handle pet hair. It’s fine for a quick clean between vacuuming with your corded vac though. It’s also versatile due to the detachable handheld and is available for a reasonably low price.

  • Max. Run-Time: 35 Minutes
  • Dust Capacity: approx. 0.3 litres
  • Handheld Mode: Yes
  • Weight: 2.2kg
  • Price Range: ££ 
  • Decent for cleaning hard floors
  • Useful range of tools
  • Handheld mode
  • Struggles on thick carpets
  • Weaker suction than the Dyson V6
  • Not suitable for pet hair
The P8

What is the Proscenic P8?

The success of the Dyson V6 and V8 cordless ranges has led to an explosion in "clones" - and we're not just talking about no-name brands from China. Companies such as Hoover and Vax have borrowed the stick design and detachable handheld mode from Dyson, as it's proven to be a hit.

As you can see from the pictures, the Proscenic P8 falls firmly into this category. The P8 features an almost-identical design to the Dyson, with a long stick and motorised floor head. The stick can also be removed to turn the vacuum into a handheld for above-floor and car cleaning.

There's a major difference between the P8 and Dyson cordless vacs though: price. It's considerably cheaper than the V6 range, which is Dyson's entry level cordless, while providing a longer battery run-time. And it's less than a third of the price of the V8 Absolute, which puts it firmly in the "budget cordless" category.

Appearance and Features

When you first get the P8 out of the box, it feels less durable than more expensive cordless models. The body is lightweight and has a cheap plastic feel, while the floor head is quite small. This is to be expected from a relatively inexpensive cordless though - and it looks great.

Turning on the P8 is as simple as pressing the trigger in the handle. One press turns on the vacuum, a second switches to "High" mode, and a third turns it off. There's a battery indicator which approximates how much charge is remaining, although this doesn't give you a run-time estimate.

Unlike the Dyson series, you don't need to hold down the trigger when using the vacuum. If you have arthritis, or just find it a hassle to hold down the button, this is a welcome feature. The downside is that effective battery life is slightly reduced.

Speaking of run-time, the P8 is powered by a 22.8V Lithium-Ion battery. This provides a respectable 30-35 minutes of cleaning time when on standard mode. The run-time drops a lot when you switch to maximum power though.

A handy feature is that the battery can be removed. If the battery ever fails, you won't need to send the vacuum for professional repair. A simple charging cable is included, as there's no docking station.

As you would expect from a cordless, the P8 has a lightweight design. It's also mobile and easy to whip around the house, although the steering joint is loose and less satisfying than some of the best cordless vacs. On the plus side, the floor head is low profile so you can use it under sofas and other furniture.

Suction Power and Cleaning Performance

The floor head of the P8

One of the biggest issues with many Dyson clones is that they simply aren't effective at cleaning. They might look great, have lots of useful features and some handy tools, but this is all worthless if they can't remove dust and dirt.

Fortunately, the P8 doesn't fall into this trap. It provides decent suction power, especially considering the price, and the brush bar helps loosen dirt in carpet.

To be clear, it's far from the most powerful cordless vacuum on the market. It certainly can't match the Dyson V6 or Bosch Athlet Ultimate, nor can it replace a corded vacuum. But for the price, it provides decent performance that's useful when you need to quickly clean a room.

The P8 performs best on hard floors. There's only one floor head, but this does a good job of picking up both fine dust and larger debris. Don't expect it to pull dirt from between floorboards or pickup the largest debris - it doesn't have the suction power for that - but for keeping hard floors clear it's a great tool.

It's not quite as effective on carpets though. While the brush bar loosens dirt and helps increase the vacuum's effectiveness, it doesn't provide the deep clean of more expensive cordless vacs. The bristles also aren't strong enough to really dig into carpet fibres. It can still pickup loose debris, however, so it's useful for quick cleans between using your corded vac.

Where the P8 really struggles is when pet hair or fluff is trapped in carpets. You'll probably need several passes to get rid of fluff - and even then the vacuum might not be powerful enough to remove it. To be fair, this isn't a pet vacuum, so you wouldn't expect it to remove tough hair fibres. It'll still pickup loose hair though.

The detachable stick turns it into a passable handheld vacuum for above-floor cleaning. This feature, combined with the various accessories, makes it easy to vacuum sofas, curtains and furniture.

One thing to note is that there's no option to turn off the rotating brush bar when using the main floor head. If you're worried about scratching a delicate floor or surface, you may want to switch to one of the attachments.

The brush bar also doesn't cover the width of the floor head. This reduces the P8's edge cleaning abilities.

Bin Emptying and Other Maintenance

The Proscenic P8 has a simple gravity-powered bin system. When the canister is full, which happens regularly, a latch opens a flap at the bottom of the bin. This allows dirt to fall into a dustbin.

One of the biggest complaints about the Dyson V6, which has a similar system, is that dirt and fluff gets caught and needs to be pulled out by hand. The same thing can happen with the P8, so it's probably not a good choice for people with allergies.

Aside from emptying the bin, it's easy to disassemble the P8 when you want to clean the filter. All the parts clip together with a satisfying click so you know it's properly assembled.

Accessories and Tools

In addition to the floor head and stick, Proscenic has included several accessories with the P8. These are:

  • Combination Tool. This tool combines a dusting brush with a crevice tool. The crevice tool is small, so it won't fit down deep gaps, but it's useful for tight areas.
  • Soft Cleaning Brush. The soft brush is less common than the combination tool, but it's useful for cleaning curtains and delicate surfaces.
  • Rotating Bristle Brush. This tool has stiff bristles and can be turned to provide the angle you need. This makes it great for cleaning above furniture.

While these are all useful and well-made, the biggest complaint is that they require a lot of force to clip onto the machine. This may make the P8 less suitable for elderly people or those with joint pain.

There's also no turbo brush included with the P8. For this reason, we don't recommend it if you have pets.

Should You Buy It?

If your budget doesn't stretch to the Dyson V6 Cord-Free, the Proscenic P8 cordless vacuum is an option to consider. It provides decent cleaning performance for the price, and is convenient to use around the home. The handheld mode and accessories also make it a versatile choice.

It's important to have realistic expectations though. This is not a powerful cordless vacuum that digs deep into carpets and provides a deep clean. It's also not suitable for cleaning pet hair.

For keeping hard floors and short-pile carpets respectable between proper cleaning sessions, however, it's a useful tool that provides decent value.

Comparison with Other Cordless Vacuums

Proscenic P8 Vs Dyson V6

The P8 has clearly been designed to mimic the features of the Dyson V6, but for a lower price. The vacuum has many of the same features, including the versatile handheld mode and motorised brush bar.

It can't match the V6 for power though. If you want a cordless vacuum that comes close to the cleaning performance of a corded, the V6 is a genuine option. The P8 certainly isn't.

Proscenic P8 Vs Dyson V8

The V8 series combines a higher maximum power with a hygienic bin emptying system. While there's a comparison to be made between the Proscenic and the V6, any V8 model is streaks ahead of the P8 when it comes to features and cleaning performance. It's unfair to compare the two though, as the P8 is much cheaper.

Proscenic P8 Vs Gtech AirRam Mk2

The AirRam Mk2 provides much greater suction power and cleaning performance on carpets and hard floors. It lacks a handheld mode or hose though, so the P8 beats it in terms of versatility (and price).

Final Verdict

The Proscenic P8 cordless vacuum cleaner might look like the Dyson V6, but it can't provide the same suction power and cleaning performance. It still does a decent job for the price though - especially on hard floors - so it's worth considering as a secondary vacuum to your corded.

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